Saturday, 30 June 2012

Generating a new GUID value for insert

The other day I needed to insert some records into a table but I received an error on a column called GUID.  This unique reference column required a value similar to the following: 1A2BBCA2-7D80-4F34-9EDF-025203A721A3. 

For a 100 records what on earth was I going to enter.  With a bit of searching on internet I found that using the command newid() allowed me to create new value (Thank you

So for example

insert into tableA
select newid(), column 1, column 2 from tableB

Friday, 29 June 2012

Dynamics GP 2010 SP 3 is now available

Dynamics GP 2010 SP 3 is now available to download.  Becareful if you download the EConnect SP 3 for 32bit it has a problem with the link and will actually download SP 3 Webservices

Sunday, 24 June 2012

VAT DayBook reporting VAT amounts for EU transactions using 0% Tax Detail ID after upgrade to GP 2010 R2

After a client upgraded to GP 2010 they noticed that the VAT DayBook was reporting VAT amounts for EU transactions using 0% Tax Detail ID.  This was of course incorrect and required this fixed.

This was a problem with GP 2010 R2 core and was fixed by applying Hotfixrollup 2682502 taking the version to 11.00.1935(SP2)

Cached SID of Old Windows Domain User Account

My company has a web application that utilises windows authentication in order to validate users.  This offers a quick method of end users to become authorised without the burden of remembering muliple passwords.  The other day a client contacts me saying that when they launched the web application a different user name was being displayed to the windows domain user account logged in.

So for example Bertie wooster would login to the workstation with domain user account Corpdomain\bertiewooster.  When they launched the application started up it stated it could not find the login for Corpdomain\jeeves.

Running Excel Data connections and also ODBC administrator (testing data source) presentd the same issues and so it was not an application issue but the way windows was viewing the current logged on windows domain user account

The client using this particular software had a process of renaming the windows domain user account each time a new end user joined the company.  The windows domain user account will be renamed from the old domain user account to the new domain user account instead of creating a new account.   So in our example Corpdomain\jeeves had left the company and Corpdomain\bertiewooster took over.

New workstations did not experience the problem but if the previous end user had logged onto the machine previously then this problem would be apparant. So the problem appeared to be profile related and a Cached SID.

Problem seen on Windows XP and Windows 2003 servers.  We do not seem to experience the issue on Windows 2008 servers and Windows 7.

To correct the issue the following was performed:

1. Remove for the windows profile created fo rthe previous domain user name

2. Remove the registry entry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\xxx (replace xxx with the key for the user

In some cases running point 1 was enough to correct the issue.

Negative amounts display #NAME? in Smartlist export

An end user the other day stated that a Dynamics GP Smartlist Builder report that was not exporting data for some rows.  Negative amounts were displaying #NAME? in Microsoft Excel.

To correct the issue for each Amount field I changed the properties in thge Field Optons window (Click Blue arrow next to field to open).  I then unmarked the Show currency Symbol and Show Thousands Separator fields in the Display tab.