Tuesday, 19 July 2011

MR Different segment labels prevents consolidation reports from working

Management Reporter 2.0 (1664.19) A consolidation report was not working for a report that contained a tree which held three companies.  When the report was run the report, it only brought data back for only two companies. 

The Account Format in Dynamics GP although were correctly setup the labels were different.  We saw the following in the three companies effected.

Company 1 (CMP - NOMINAL - SUB)
Company 2 (CMP - NOMINAL - SUB)

By changing the labels for the account segment for company 3, we were able to extract data for all companies.

MR Number Row Number Format Mask Overriden

Management Reporter 2.0 (1664.19) In the row setup for a report a number format mask was applied to a line which was dividing one row with another.  As a result of generating the report, the percentage did not appear to calculate correctly. 

The column number format mask was overriding the number format mask on the row.  To correct the issue we removed the number format mask on the column and this allowed the row number format mask to work

SQL Server 2008 Collation choices for Dynamics GP sort order 52

When installing Dynamics GP 2010 on a SQL Server the end collation will be based on the Regional Settings that your server is running under.

English (United Kingdom) - Latin1_General_CI_AS

English (United States) - SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
Both are supported to use as Sort Order 52 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.  However you can run a SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS company database on a server running Latin1_General_CI_AS

The following website link shows the language setting and the collation defined by default

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Missing Fonts causes Management Reporter to crash

Migration from FRX 6.7 to Management Reporter.  Trying to a open a row after a migration it reported an error and crashed Management Reporter
Font FONT NAME cannot be found

To resolve this issue if the fonts could not be installed perform the following:

1. Run the select statement in SQL Management Studio against the ManagementReporter database to find out how many objects are using the font:

Select * from ControlFontStyle where FontName = FONT NAME

2. Perform an update statement to change the rows to a different font such as Arial

UPDATE ControlFontStyle

The specified Protocol is invalid

Issue occurred with Requisition Manager.  No one could convert approved Requisitions to Purchase Orders in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.  It reported the following error

The specified Protocol is invalid

The issue was due to a missing Web.config in out installation directory where Business Portal 5.1 had been installed.  To correct confirm the precise version of Business Portal and log a call with Microsoft Support.  They will send you the web.config for your version.

Troubleshooting unexpected error has occurred on SharePoint

We received the following error when accessing Purchase Center page after migrtating from Business Portal 3 to 5.1

An unexpected error has occurred.
Correlation ID: 8ef07403-e7af-4527-bf2c-ecb5929afbab

The error gave me nothing to go on.  However the following steps allowed me to dig deeper and make sense of the issue

Investigation Steps

Please do the following steps below to get a more descriptive error message:

1. Determine the home directory of your Business Portal site.

     a. Open IIS and locate the virtual server hosting your Business Portal site
     b. Right click on the virtual server and select Properties
     c. Click the Home Directory tab and note the Local Path file location

2. Browse the directory and locate the web.config file

3. Make a backup of this file

4. Open the file and make the following changes.

Find: CallStack="false" and  Change to: CallStack="true"

Find: CustomErrors mode="RemoteOnly"  and Change to: CustomErrors mode="Off"

5. Save your changes

6. Go to Start > Run and type in iisreset

7. Launch back into Business Portal and click on the page receiving the error. You should get a more descriptive error message?

8. Also look in the Application Event Viewer, are there any corresponding errors occurring there?  In my case there was nothing,

An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)

When running SQL Reporting Services Reports deployed for Dynamics GP 2010 we receive the error:

"An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)

Cannot create a connection to data source 'DataSourceGPCompany'. (rsErrorOpeningConnection)"
As the SQL Server Reporting Services service is on a different server to the database server we could not use the Windows authentication for the datasources.  To correct amend each datasource (one per company and one for Dynamics database), and mark each to use SQL Server authentication.  Use a SQL login to with sufficent rights