Thursday, 8 December 2011

Attachment Id has bad format

When trying to send a file attachment using Hotmail, my partner ran into an issue.  She was reporting that the email would stop responding and closing the email would report "Attachment Id has bad format".  

The problem was due to the fact that the file name had spaces.  I renamed my attachment from  "my file.docx" to be "myfile.docx" and it was fine

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Incorrect Syntax near 'TO'

A customer received the following error in Requsition Management on Business Portal for Dynamcis GP 2010.  Simply by trying to viewing the requistion an error was presented

Incorrect Syntax near 'TO'

To resolve try first restarting the Microsoft Business Framework service otherwise if this fails then restart the iis service by using iisreset.

Company Car Calculation

In the UK company car owners are being hit by the HRMC for back tax for incorrect or late company submissons.  In addition to have a large company car to impress is no longer an option if the car is a "fuel guzzler".  When deciding on your company car please consider the CO2 emissions first followed by the Car Value.  Both are factors taken into consideration and can save you paying excessive tax each month.
Please use the current UK HRMC calculator below to help calcualte the effect on your PAYE

Friday, 26 August 2011

The remote server returned an error (503) server unavailable Dynamics GP Workflow

Problems encountered with Dynamics GP Workflow meant that I had to rebuild the product and in the end uninstalling and then reinstalling.  The problem with the rebuild or uninstall of the product was that we receive the error:

“The remote server returned an error (503) server unavailable”. 

To get round this I manually uninstalled the product however I received the same issue when I began to install it again. 

The issue was down to a registry entry that was point to a different Security Admin Service. 

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Business Solutions\Workflow for Dynamics GP\1033\SETUP\

Manually removed Dynamics GP workflow and cleaning up the registry especially removing the above key

Manually removing Dynamics GP Workflow

1. Verify the Dynamics GP Workflow 10.0 record in the WSInstallStatus table is removed by running the follow SQL command in SQL Management Studio:

select * from DYNAMICS..WSInstallStatus where InstallStep = ‘350DF9B1-F1A1-4859-BBD3-776021116F69’

2. Search the Windows Registry on the server to make sure there isn't any mention of 'Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics GP', 'Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0' or 'Workflow'.  Also remove the registry key:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Business Solutions\Workflow for Dynamics GP\1033\SETUP\

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you do not remove reference to other products (sharepoint and office) who may be reference the word Workflow.  The blog author can not be held responsible for any damage caused by editing the registry directly. 

3. If the Dynamics GP Workflow 10.0 site is still available, please run these command from the sharepoint program filder and verify they are successful:

• stsadm -o deactivatefeature -name DynamicsApproval -url -force
• stsadm -o deactivatefeature -name DynamicsWorkflowForms -url -force
• stsadm -o deactivatefeature -name DynamicsWorkflow -url -force
• stsadm -o uninstallfeature -name DynamicsApproval -force
• stsadm -o uninstallfeature -name DynamicsWorkflowForms -force
• stsadm -o uninstallfeature -name DynamicsWorkflow -force

4. Remove the web application through SharePoint that Dynamics GP Workflow 10.0 was installed onto, marking the option to remove the web site in IIS Manager and the content database in SQL Server.  Run an IISRESET to complete the changes.

Dynamics GP Workflow New Install
1. Create a new web application in SharePoint again to install Dynamics GP Workflow onto.   No need to create a site collection as the Workflow install will create the relevant /sites/DynamicsGPWorkflow site collection.

2. Perform new Dynamics GP Workflow install again

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Could not access the securityservice service. The request failed with HTTP Status 503: Service Unavailable

When trying to access the Dynamics GP Security Service it reported the following error

Could not access the securityservice service. The request failed with HTTP Status 503: Service Unavailable

To get round this I simply ran a repair on the Dynamics GP Webservice install and it was ok

Infor Q&A Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 full package or greater needs to be installed for this installation to continue

An error occured when trying to install Infor Q&A 10.1.1.

"Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 full package or greater needs to be installed for this installation to continue"

To get round this install the FULL version of the .NET Framework 4.0 product from the link below:

God Mode

Nice little feature that a client sent to me.  Create a folder with the following name on your desktop and additional controls will be available :) 


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

MR Different segment labels prevents consolidation reports from working

Management Reporter 2.0 (1664.19) A consolidation report was not working for a report that contained a tree which held three companies.  When the report was run the report, it only brought data back for only two companies. 

The Account Format in Dynamics GP although were correctly setup the labels were different.  We saw the following in the three companies effected.

Company 1 (CMP - NOMINAL - SUB)
Company 2 (CMP - NOMINAL - SUB)

By changing the labels for the account segment for company 3, we were able to extract data for all companies.

MR Number Row Number Format Mask Overriden

Management Reporter 2.0 (1664.19) In the row setup for a report a number format mask was applied to a line which was dividing one row with another.  As a result of generating the report, the percentage did not appear to calculate correctly. 

The column number format mask was overriding the number format mask on the row.  To correct the issue we removed the number format mask on the column and this allowed the row number format mask to work

SQL Server 2008 Collation choices for Dynamics GP sort order 52

When installing Dynamics GP 2010 on a SQL Server the end collation will be based on the Regional Settings that your server is running under.

English (United Kingdom) - Latin1_General_CI_AS

English (United States) - SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
Both are supported to use as Sort Order 52 for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.  However you can run a SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS company database on a server running Latin1_General_CI_AS

The following website link shows the language setting and the collation defined by default

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Missing Fonts causes Management Reporter to crash

Migration from FRX 6.7 to Management Reporter.  Trying to a open a row after a migration it reported an error and crashed Management Reporter
Font FONT NAME cannot be found

To resolve this issue if the fonts could not be installed perform the following:

1. Run the select statement in SQL Management Studio against the ManagementReporter database to find out how many objects are using the font:

Select * from ControlFontStyle where FontName = FONT NAME

2. Perform an update statement to change the rows to a different font such as Arial

UPDATE ControlFontStyle

The specified Protocol is invalid

Issue occurred with Requisition Manager.  No one could convert approved Requisitions to Purchase Orders in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.  It reported the following error

The specified Protocol is invalid

The issue was due to a missing Web.config in out installation directory where Business Portal 5.1 had been installed.  To correct confirm the precise version of Business Portal and log a call with Microsoft Support.  They will send you the web.config for your version.

Troubleshooting unexpected error has occurred on SharePoint

We received the following error when accessing Purchase Center page after migrtating from Business Portal 3 to 5.1

An unexpected error has occurred.
Correlation ID: 8ef07403-e7af-4527-bf2c-ecb5929afbab

The error gave me nothing to go on.  However the following steps allowed me to dig deeper and make sense of the issue

Investigation Steps

Please do the following steps below to get a more descriptive error message:

1. Determine the home directory of your Business Portal site.

     a. Open IIS and locate the virtual server hosting your Business Portal site
     b. Right click on the virtual server and select Properties
     c. Click the Home Directory tab and note the Local Path file location

2. Browse the directory and locate the web.config file

3. Make a backup of this file

4. Open the file and make the following changes.

Find: CallStack="false" and  Change to: CallStack="true"

Find: CustomErrors mode="RemoteOnly"  and Change to: CustomErrors mode="Off"

5. Save your changes

6. Go to Start > Run and type in iisreset

7. Launch back into Business Portal and click on the page receiving the error. You should get a more descriptive error message?

8. Also look in the Application Event Viewer, are there any corresponding errors occurring there?  In my case there was nothing,

An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)

When running SQL Reporting Services Reports deployed for Dynamics GP 2010 we receive the error:

"An error has occurred during report processing. (rsProcessingAborted)

Cannot create a connection to data source 'DataSourceGPCompany'. (rsErrorOpeningConnection)"
As the SQL Server Reporting Services service is on a different server to the database server we could not use the Windows authentication for the datasources.  To correct amend each datasource (one per company and one for Dynamics database), and mark each to use SQL Server authentication.  Use a SQL login to with sufficent rights

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Microsoft Forecaster 70 Service Pack 4

Microsoft Forecaster 70 Service Pack 4 has been released

Issue Description

193720 No way to remove revenue account from revenue module once data has been associated.

312625 Error displaying capital in detail report when using Allow drilldown to capital detail. 315158 Deleting pay type association from salary grade creates orphaned records

320795 Current users list doesn't work correctly on SQL Server 2005/2008. 321729 The Multi-row tab doesn’t show the lines (rows), if an input set name is longer than 24 characters.

325800 Start Period and End Period can’t be adjusted in HR Master after another field is changed. 344372 Entering capital item into invalid period and deleting causes duplicate/orphan records

362922 Excel Add-in returns no results when the optimization factor is 0. 363919 Single Row Input with 'Suppress Zero Lines on Input' creates difference from Multi-row.

363939 When using Human Resources Annually’ with regular allocations not selected, headcount is not updated for hourly employees. 366414 Reports where lines are the departments show a zero balance

367077 Copy plan wizard for HR Details does not correctly calculate allocation. 368241 System needs to keep deleted employees shaded while changing the “Show Allocation As” option.

368800 Importing HR changes clears existing data in HR master but not in HR input. 370981 Improve CALREV processing performance.

378602 FTE not calculated correctly for employees distributed between multiple departments when specifying different employee options. 381253 Running capital task on input set with historic periods causes results to shift the number of historic periods defined.

383592 When reassigning an employee to a new department, the value in the Increase Period 2 field is not updated in the new department. 390352 Allocation lost when reassigning an employee from two or more departments into one using the reassign window.

403235 Error: “ExpressLink encountered a problem attempting to submit data to Microsoft Forecaster.” This occurs if the user name contains a period. (Ex. Jane.doe) 403641 Decimal values do not appear on the single row tab

404570 Temp tables do not get dropped on SQL Server 2000 when the username is numeric

410614 When prompting for period and using a selection sub-menu in a report, users have to select period twice before the report will display.

415674 If a user defined benefit exceeds 5,000 characters, Forecaster will close unexpectedly when trying to select it. 419972 Enabling Auto-translate causes Forecaster to stop responding when adding employees in HR master.

440395 If many options are created for a user defined benefit, Forecaster may close unexpectedly when trying to select an option in HR input. 453998 The destination account and the contra account can’t be the same when two or more allocations are created and accumulate is used.

465875 When sorting columns in the Multi-row tab, incorrect values can be created if a @LOOKUP calculation is also used. 466855 Enabling Auto-translate causes Forecaster to stop responding when importing employees through HR import.

467705 Forecaster closes unexpectedly. 469946 If an employee from a previous input set salary grade doesn’t exist in a new input set, Forecaster closes expectedly when adding the employee.

470760 Specifying a color for calculated columns doesn’t apply the color. 473830 If Add as FTE is not selected when adding an employee in HR master, Forecaster closes unexpectedly.

Know Issues
Cannot Connect to Server When Using the Microsoft Forecaster Database Creation Wizard with SQL 2008 Server (See KB 962541 )

Microsoft Reporter Service Pack 2

Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics® with Service Pack 2 provides general performance improvements and enhanced functionality for reporting. In addition, the following areas have been improved:

• Data provider updates for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

• Data provider updates for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and support for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2.

• Improved support for multiple Active Directory® domains.

• Better support for rounding adjustments and adjustment periods.

• Performance improvements for reports with large numbers of transactions, many calculated rows, and Analytical Accounting.

• Improved error handling in report processing

If you have access to Customer Source you can download this with the following link Reporter Service Pack 2

Thursday, 23 June 2011

How to Create a Demo Company in Microsoft Management Reporter that Connects to the Fabrikam Company in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

How to Create a Demo Company in Microsoft Management Reporter that Connects to the Fabrikam Company in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Describes how to create a sample company in Management Reporter that will connect to the Fabrikam demo company in Microsoft Dynamics Dynamics GP 2010.

See article below 

How to Create an Application Role in SQL Server 2008 for Forecaster 7.0

How to Create an Application Role in SQL Server 2008 for Forecaster 7.0

By using an application role, users will be unable to log on to a database by using ODBC or another querying tool unless they know the password for the role. This helps prevent unauthorized access to the Forecaster database data. The Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 client will be able to read the application role password and let users log on.

Article can be found below:

installing sharepoint 2010 privilege service accounts

Great Article about installing SharePoint2010

SharePoint 2010 - MissingWebPart

The SharePoint Health Analyser picked up an issue with the configuration of a new SharePoint 2010 installation and found the following two errors:

[MissingWebPart] WebPart class [a7563a72-5661-4571-de0c-b2bc1de8718d] is referenced [4] times in the database [XXXXXX], but is not installed on the current farm. Please install any feature/solution which contains this web part. One or more web parts are referenced in the database [XXXXXX], but are not installed on the current farm. Please install any feature or solution which contains these web parts.

[MissingWebPart] WebPart class [8d6034c4-a416-e535-281a-6b714894e1aa] is referenced [6] times in the database [SharePoint_AdminContent_392c3097-c08f-4865-b5bf-2ce1b95b1269], but is not installed on the current farm. Please install any feature/solution which contains this web part. One or more web parts are referenced in the database [SharePoint_AdminContent_392c3097-c08f-4865-b5bf-2ce1b95b1269], but are not installed on the current farm. Please install any feature or solution which contains these web parts. 

To correct the entries above go to GENERAL APPLICATION SETTINGS > FARM SEARCH ADMINISTRATION > SEARCH SERVICE ADMINISTRATION.   Then afterwards go back to the reported message and click Reanalyse, it should then disappear

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Management reporter 2.0 and Additional settings Performance issue

I have found another issue whilst working on performance issues at a client and with the assistance of Microsoft have picked it up.

When setting up a company the in Management Reporter 2.0 with or without Feature Pack 1 with the following Additional Options will cause performance issues

Account Category,
User Defined 1,
User Defined 2,
User Defined 3
User Defined 4.

Also do not mark Dynamics GP Financials with Analytical Accounting. Hotfix has been released for Feature pack 1 but I can confirm if this helps with performance issues

Example of performance saving by unmarking the options is as follows for a report with a tree that contains 84 units:

With options marked: 60 minutes
Without options marked: 30 minutes

How to transfer logins and passwords between instances of SQL Server

Fantastic article from Microsoft to transfer logins between SQL Server installs.  Pefect for server moves of SQL 7, 2000, 2005 and 2008